About The Mill House

The foundations of The Mill House were formed in the back yard of a home in the Harris Mill village. Around 2006, a small gas fired brick oven was built that hosted many gatherings, one pizza at a time. Good beer, good pizza, and good company were good times to be had on the mill hill. In 2009 the market took a turn for the worse, and partners Gianpaolo Bonaca and Paul Bartolomeo decided it was time to get out of the then dying real estate market and instead lose sleep over building a restaurant. So they found a building in a quiet part of town, and began working on a plan to bring the same good times from Harris Mill to what would become The Mill House.

Once we (barely) got open, The Mill House began to come alive on its own. As a strong team developed, we explored new things, expanded our horizons, and our community embraced us as we grew. Since starting as a small pizza and sandwich shop, we continually broaden our menu, cultivate a fine craft beer selection, host Sunday brunches and beer dinners, and keep the Good Times brews flowing from our on-site brewery. We support local farmers by using local produce and meats when possible, and our team takes pride in the quality of our work, the freshness of our ingredients, serving our patrons.

But none of this would have been possible without our dedicated team and outstanding customers. We always love to hear your feedback to help us make this a better experience for you.

Our Team

Gianpaolo Bonaca

Gianpaolo (also answers to ‘GP’ and ‘Geep’, and has been called worse) came from Columbia SC to attend Lander University. In 2001 he graduated from the school of Business, and decided to stay involved with product development in the horticulture industry. This somehow seemed to lead to projects varying from building growth chambers, to electrical contracting, to real estate investing with his partner Paul, among other things. Gianpaolo’s late father had always wanted to build a brick oven, so during the era of doing 15 projects at a time he decided to build a small oven in the back yard of his mill house in the Harris Mill Village. After many moons of teardowns, rebuilds and profanity, the oven finally ran smoothly and provided perfect pies for many gatherings. When the economy took a down turn in 2009, Gianpaolo and partner Paul decided it was time to stop flipping houses and start slinging pies. With the strong support of his wife Riley and their 2 boys, their families, the city of Greenwood, a dedicated staff and even more dedicated patrons… Gianpaolo and Paul have enjoyed a gracious experience in hospitality since 2010.

Paul Bartolomeo

Paul is a Washington DC area native who had spent time in the area until he permanently relocated to Hodges in 2004. Sticking with what he did best in DC, Paul started rehabilitating properties around Greenwood. With new challenges in a new market, Paul teamed up with a long time friend and SC native Gianpaolo, and together they decided to purchase properties to then improve and market the properties for sale or rent. The market downturn in 2009 forced a change in business plans, so Paul and his partner decided to take a leap of faith into the restaurant business. With a shell of a building in a quiet part of town they put their resources together to bring a new dining experience to Greenwood. Paul continues to have as much time on the floor as he can, though he is well known for his quiet personality (not really). Paul and Gianpaolo enjoy spending time with our community and our patrons… you can’t miss Paul!

Sidney Huskey

A native of Ninety Six, Sidney graduated from Presbyterian College in 1987 with a biology degree, and went on to Clemson for a Masters in wildlife biology. In early ’91 Sidney went to work for the state of Florida as a biologist, and quickly stumbled on a simple homebrew kit given to him by his sister. From this point, the passion continued as he developed a relationship with a Homebrew shop in Jacksonville and started on 5 gallon batches. Heading back to SC in ’94 Sidney went to work in land and wildlife management. Sidney continued his passion for brewing, and in 1998 built his own 3 vessel, 10 gallon all-grain brew house out of beer kegs. In 2005 Sidney shifted gears and went on to work with a local nursery. Here Sidney met Gianpaolo, as they both did their best to hang on to a white knuckle ride of late night truck runs, trade shows, and keeping the nursery running with duct tape and bailing wire. These were good times… with challenges and triumphs alike. But by 2010 they both had enough and left the nursery to build their own things for a while. A few years later Sidney and Gianpaolo get back together with the idea of bringing good times to Greenwood. In 2014, Good Times Brewing was born at The Mill House with Sidney (heading up brew operations)/ (as the master brewer)/ (as the head brewer) --- you get the idea--


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